Speedometer not working even after replacing sensor


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I have a manual 97 Honda Civic 1.6. my speeometer isn't working. When I start the car the needle is stuck at 20mph. When I start moving it bounce a little and after gaining speed it doesn't move at all. I have changed the speed sensor on the transmission as well. Once in a blue moon it works fine as nothing ever happened to it, I've seen it working only thrice in pas couple of months but when I switch off the car and start back again it's not working.


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I had this issue and it was so easy to fix. Pull the circuit board that is behind the speedo out and pop it in the oven at 425 for 10 minutes. I found this gem on another forum and was pretty doubtful but I s**t you not, it worked.


I had a Civic once.
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PCB joints likely need resoldering. Oven trick may fix it temporarily, but and especially if you're in a place with cold weather, might not last long. May need to swap out the PCB.


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My 98 LX Speedo didn’t work when I got it. So I changed out the VSS and still no dice. I ordered a used speedo cluster on eBay and threw it in and it’s worked fine since then. I know there is a solder you
Can do, there are YouTube videos on it, if you can’t find a replacement speedo cluster.