squeeking and clicking....cables or just need lube?


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2 problems:

problem #1 - i hear a high pitch squeel when i let off the brake. not when i press on it. i dunno what it is. maybe its just sitting right there in front of me. but when i brake, everything is perfectly fine (except for the facts my rotors are a tiny tiny bit warped and my pedal shakes just a minute amount). but when i let off the brake, *squeel*. not a loud one, but its noticeable. when i let off the brake slowly or very slowly, it doesnt happen. only when im normally braking/driving (ie - at a stop light with the brakes on and the light goes green, gotta let off the brake and gas right away)

problem #2 - my clutch pedal clicks...loud. it happens when i engage AND disengage. when i push down the clutch, it doesnt start happening until its 1/2 way down. then it starts clicking and its pretty loud. i can feel it in the pedal too. it clicks like 5-8 times. it also makes the noise when i let off the clutch but not as many times.

input/solutions to these problems? i was thinking i just need to lube something up for problem #1 but i dont know what. and for #2, i thought it might be some cable or what not. but i have no clue where to start :(


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my brake squeeks when I release it... its like squeeeeek, i think it comes from the rear hard to tell...

and my clutch makes sort of a "creak" noise when I push it down, sounds like a door. I have no idea how to stop it from making that noise either... blah.

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