Still getting code 16!!, after new injectors installed.


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I have a 91 civic lx 1.5. I just changed the distributor, fuel filter, 4 plugs AND both fuel injectors(dual port system).
The car seems to run fine, even though it will not start up right away.
But still getting that code 16.
I am smelling no gas, and it sound like the injectors are clicking very nicely.
Anyone have a suggestion on what i may need to check out to get this code to stop?

As with the problem starting, could it be the crank to cam timing may be off a bit?.
If so, is this something i can adjust easily?.


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did you do a reset after you installed said things?


I pulled the negative terminal off for a good 20 minutes.
Perhaps you have stray voltage running around the car. Do you have a sound system with a capacitor installed?

Was the code still there immediately after reattaching the ground terminal and starting the car?