Stored car, first start - Your advice?


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Hello everyone, first post here. =)

Buying a 1995 Civic Coupe that has been sitting in seller's driveway for "many months". Any tips on the best way to wake her up without risking engine damage?

I want to run the engine before buying just in case there's a problem with it. Thank you in advanced.


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Check fluid levels and condition. Add or change as needed. Half gallon fresh gas of course.

Recommend pulling the Fuel Injection fuse under the hood. This will allow you crank the engine to build oil pressure and get fresh oil in the system before putting stress from combustion on the motor yet. This will also pressurize the cooling system which can expose leaks if the sytem is vulnerable somewhere.

While the fuse is out, this is prime time to conduct a compression check on the motor.

When you finally start he motor watch for fuel, coolant and oil leaks.