Strange Wire?


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i lifted up my back seat in my 99 civic and under it was a female wire...(behind driver side seat) Im pretty sure it is stock i just want to know what it does or what it is for.


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Pics would help us help you.


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Is it a blue wire cover and a black connector housing? If so, I have that same wire! I'll post a pic on here of it tomorrow morning if you're still having issues with your uploads.


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Mine has these too, there is actually two wires. one on each side. My only guess is maybe some models there is a weight sensor on the rear seats like there is on the front seats for the models which has air bags on the back of the front seats.
But that is my guess, I have found so many mystery connectors on this car it's not even funny anymore, when I find a unconnected wire I now automatically assume its for diagnostics.