Streetlife Tour 08' (midwest)

Ek shenanigans

Cincinnasti Ek
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There is a new event for mostof the midwest region, knowing as how nopi is pretty much cashed out.

Street Life Tour
Sunday - August 3rd @ Kilkare Raceway
Gates Open 5 PM

Drift Competition - $75 Entry - $2000 Purse !
Drivers may arrive at event as early as 4 PM

1/4 Mile Drag Racing - $15

General Admission - $10

$3 off General Admission with NOS Can

Burnout Competition, Motorcycle Stunt Bike Show, Mobile DYNO, Area Vendors/Shops, DJ's & Live Bands !!!!



caca poopoo
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I moved this to a regional forum, it'll have more traction here.

Ek shenanigans

Cincinnasti Ek
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Thank you tony,

These events have beena blast and we have had 1000 plus and hoping to continually increase! the drifting is crazy, 2 tottaled cars, the burnout contest was fun, up and coming bands, and test and tune drag racing, have a really fast car, our shop has a 650 hp ek hatch, and betting has a blind eye! so talk smack and back it up! =)

thanks guys.
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