I have a civic that doesnt have a factory sunroof, but the guy before i bought my car installed a sunroof. it doesnt seal properly and I was trying to fix it, but the glass doesn't close and open properly. How should i deal with this problem? new sunroof or just fix it? I dont know how to fix it. any idea?


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Start by removing it. That'll be the only way to fully gauge what's wrong with how it's currently installed. That's really as much as I can tell you with the info you've provided.

Before you remove it, measure exactly what clearances and gaps you have so you know how much you need to adjust it and in what direction things need to move to get it to seal right.

It's really just going to be reverse engineering his hack-job and hoping the guy didn't leave you a goddamn mess up there, or not enough material to get it right. Coming behind and fixing retarded people's rigged up s*** is the worst. Good luck!

Here's a thread containing some repair visuals, if you need to reference. I'm sure there are more, specific ones to be found as well.

Im afraid to touch glass like that. Had to many bad experience with glass. I probably get someone to do it for me. Hopefully not a dumba** who says they can fix it but can't.