Sup all another new guy here

Figured I'd stop in and say what's up runnin a 93 Si hatch here to share and learn some new ideas

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any pics?

any other info maybe?

Sure Sry lol
Just picked it up about a month ago so nothing huge just yet but big plans

92 civic Si hatch
6k hids
Ek fogs
Short shifter
Aem short ram
Act stage 3 clutch (just put in last night)
Front lip

Sending from my cell dark outside will take some pics tommorrow but have this in phone

Cars lowered on garbage coils been looking into skunk2 or tein s tech springs with tociko blues

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tuned in for the better pics
Welcome to the site
Overall plans for her?

For plans...I don't really know lol I used to track years ago and stopped for awhile kind of lost interest..then I found this from an older lady so I knew it had been babied I couldn't pass it up just going with the flow in this one I do plan on boost..think the final outcome will be an aggresive dd with the option to rip up a strip if I get the urge lol just got up will be posting some pics soon ...fair warning the paint looks like s*it lol I know I know I actually ordered the own Honda black paint and its going in my garage soon lol

As for body plans
Keeping it clean
Fender side marker soon
Ek fogs installed
Accord lip installed
Carbon hood fenders coming
50/50 tails coming
Projector head amber corner coming
Maybe bigger duckbill
Hx wheels bronze on brushed lip

All will come in due time lol

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Pretty solid plans man
still tuned in for those pics and updates when they do happen lol
Thanks bro hey where can I get some good answers about lowering springs around here don't seem to be getting any responses ...curious as to the differences between sportline and pro line and which to go with
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