Suspension for 2000 Civic EX Sedan


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Hey guys. I have a 2000 Civic EX Sedan lowered 3.5 in. Im changing the suspension and this will be my daily. Streets suck here. Im looking for a smooth quieter ride now. Any suggestions and advice ? Greatly appreciated ! :mrgreen:


pay attention to the spring rate on whatever you decide to go with. lower spring rate i believe will give you a softer ride. if you go with coilovers i also suggest picking a set thats adjustable strut pressure so you can dial that in to where you want it. there's too many options for me to do the research for you but thats what your looking for


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@Champloomomo When you say "changing the suspension" what do you mean exactly? Are you planning on changing just the springs? Just the struts? What tire/wheel size do you have? What tires will you be using?

You said you're looking for something with a "smoother quieter ride" because it will be your daily. Without knowing any of the information above, I have two suggestions.

1. Go back to factory suspension. You can either find used replacements (not recommended) or you can buy inexpensive aftermarket parts. You are not going to find a smoother and more comfortable suspension than going with the stock OEM setup.

2. Get a decent set of tires on the car. No matter the ride height, if you're running a cheap pair of "performance" tires that have a low profile, your ride is going to be bumpy and loud.

"smoother and quieter" is relative to the owner of the car. I had a 97 sedan on skunk2 coilovers that had a decent ride, but I was 22 at the time, so perhaps my 30 year old butt is now less forgiving of a harsh ride. My current car (2000 DX Sedan) is on stock suspension and is very comfortable to commute in. I eventually plan on upgrading the suspension, but I will not do so until I have found a decent (ie. expensive) set of shocks and springs that I want to use.


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Know this is an old post. I went with an Eibach spring kit including the camber arms and camber ball joints. The camber parts raised it an inch or maybe two and fixed the camber. I like neutral camber for even tire wear. Stopped bottoming out.

I don't like low profile tires. They make any vehicle ride like crap. I put some Integra wheels on and got some great Z rated tires.

Overall, it rides pretty comfortably and performs much better. I would like to swap the seats out though.

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Overall, it rides pretty comfortably and performs much better. I would like to swap the seats out though.
6th gen Ex seats suck.
Swap them out with some 94-01 Integra seats, much better comfort.