Suspension/tire options: '98 Civic

Hello I have a question that I searched but didn't find a concrete answer.. Here goes...

I just got 4 wheels which are 15X7 ET35. I have to buy new tires and get a drop next summer. I read on the forum that I can run 195-50-15's on it no problem.. but how low can I go with no rubbing? and can I step up to the 196-55-15 size which is closer to upsizing the OEM 185-65-14. I have a 98 Civic CX and I don't wanna drop the car for looks I wanna keep it functional for Auto-Xing, 1.8 inch drop max.

I also have factory non power steering... can I get opinions please and maybe pics


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The difference between a 50 to 55 profile, albeit minimal, will come down to not only the drop height but the quality and weight ratings of the struts & springs you choose. I would say you should make a choice on the suspension equipment first. Also, with a 7-inch wheel width, I strongly suggest you consider rolling the inner fender as well, especially if you intend to auto-X.

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