*Testing Waters* 97 del sol in PA

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Well I never thought I would even consider this but I think its time to make it a possiblility. I trying to gauge interest in my 97 del sol. I am the 2nd owner of the vehicle.

D16Y8 w/ roughly 85,600 miles
Password:JDM CF Intake
B-series Throttle body
Skunk2 Intake manifold
AEM Fuel Rail
B&M FPR & Gauge
RC 370cc injectors
Magnacore 10.5mm plug wires
DC Sports 4-2-1 header
Skunk2 cat back exhaust
Skunk2 short shifter
AEM Power Steering Pulley ( I have the Alt Pulley too just not on)
OBD2>1 conversion ecu chipped by J-K Tuning

The only thing wrong with it is the is a dent behind the drivers door. It was a victim of some punk kids playing catch in the street with a damn soda bottle. Other than that the paint has is usual wear and tear.

Bear slotted and cross drilled rotors up front (I have the rears, Just never got around to put them on)
Skunk2 F&R Upper Strut Bars
Neuspeed Race springs

Faze A/F & Boost/Vac Gauges ( installed on piller but not wired up)
Faze 5" Tach w/ shift light

15" Rota Slips (polished) no cub marks or anything
hankook tires w/ plenty of tread left on them ( only about 18months old and the car sat parks for 6 of those)

If I have enough interest in it, I'm asking $5500 and I am open to trades for a clean 5th or 6th gen or even a nice teg.


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Bump for a really clean, and good lookin sol :thumbs up

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