Throttlebody sensor & replacement of throttlebody

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Took my car to Honda- They said I need to replace my throttlebody on my 2005 civc, special edition(actually the sensor is not regulating the proper voltage). They quoted $750. Seemed high! The mechanic said he has never seen this happen. So my question, how hard is it to replace? Does this ever happen? Should I buy used, or new? I was quote $85-100 used for the entire throttlebody. Does anyone have a diagram of what this looks like? I have always taken it to Honda for service, but times are tough & I don't mind getting dirty if it saves cash. My skills are limited, but with some guidance (from you all) I would be willing to do it myself, if the savings are worth it. Thanks in advance!


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Just change out the throttle sensor on the throttle body .

Theirs a company that makes throttle sensor replacement a breeze .

Just google throttle sensor for 95 civic .

Throttlebody (TPS) Sensor

Thanks for the help...Unfortunately, nobody seems to have one of these for my 2005 Civic. Can anyone tell me if there is one from a previous generation that would work? No one has one past 2000. Thanks in advance.

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