Time to paint. (little help?)


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Well my bucket project is about ready for some paint and body work. Lets face it, it wouldn't be a project if I paid someone to paint it. I dont have pic's atm (It's VSM) but it looks like at one point somone blended/repainted the roof and trunk. They must of used rattle can, or some cheap SS and then never took care of it, because the silver is faded off and almost a clear yellow in some spots, greyish silver in others.

Since I really have no place to paint, other then making a tarp cover to work under. I was leaning towards using a SS paint on the car. I didn't know much about SS paints so I started reading about them and it appears metallics take some real skill to shoot, and you can't color sand them because the flakes will come out looking bad.

So, if I plan to keep it VSM I might need to do a bc/cc type job so it looks nice. I was a little worried about going this way because the prep/recoats sound sucky. From what I read it says 3-4 coats for full coverage? Am I reading that correct? Do I have to put down that many coats of silver to make it look silver? Also I read silver met. is a #$%$%^ #$%^$% to put down. Some suggest walking the car.

Option 2 was to go white, I've also had a thing for white civics. SS white is pretty dam cheap, you can get a gallon of paint for like $70. The reason I like the SS idea in a soild is, it's cheap, dries pretty fast, don't have to worrie about panels looking different, and you can sand it. Since I'm painting outside where things might land on the paint i like the idea of bing able to sand it out.

Any thoughts or ideas?
I don't know much about paint, tried to paint my own hood and failed. I recommend diy only if you can do it perfectly.