Timing Belt Won't Tension Correctly


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Have a swapped B18C1 and the timing belt tension seems fine after adjusting tension bolt to 1/4-1/2 turn loose and then turning 3 camshaft teeth.

The issue is that when the engine heats up the belt tension becomes about 4-5 times tighter than what it was cold. Seems the slack does not change when trying this multiple times. Have not run across anything on a forum that addressed timing belt tension tightening up when the engine warmed up. It seems to tighten so much that I almost need to not use spring but set it at the absolute loosest tension possible since the belt tightens so much after heating up.
Used the factory and manual and know the procedure so those steps are being followed already.

Wondering has anyone else experienced this on a B16 or even just a D series engine?

Found some who have had same issue with B18C1 and they tensioned the timing belt while the engine was hot. While this may solve the issue why is it behaving this way in the first place. When it does this there's no way you can follow the tensioning procedure of loosening 1/2 turn then turning 3 cam teeth and torquing the bolt.

Has anyone heard of a different belt that would help alleviate this issue?
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