timing issue with d16a6

i bought a 95 civic with a blown motor from my buddy. The car ran and one day on his way down he blew the motor. so i pulled the motor and replaced the block and had the head checked and valves resealed. at the time i didnt realize that the head wasn't factory. the code on the head says year 94 pm 3-6. the guy that did my head said that it was an a6 head, i couldn't find any info to back that up. but any ways my problem is with the head on tdc and the crank at tdc. The slots on the cam shaft where the distributor line up are straight up and down. which puts the rotor on the number 3 tower. the manual says it needs to be on the number 1 tower. I have a adjustable cam gear. But even with the timing retarded as much as the gear will allow it still doesn't line up with the timing marks. At this point i have no idea what to do next. i was thinking maybe if i change the cam to tdc with out moving the crank with the timing retarded. but again im not sure just a shot in the dark. i would think most likely being an interfearance motor that it would hit the valves. any thought would be much appreciated.


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what engine do you have?

PM3 head could be from a D16A6 but could also be from a D15B2 - the head castings themselves are the same, the difference is in the camshafts - if you have a D15B7 engine with a D16A6 head and D16A6 camshaft, the camshaft timing is going to be off due to the difference in the D15 and D16 block heights, along with the difference in how the D16 camshaft is installed vs. how the D15 camshaft is installed - without knowing which camshaft you have, it is kind of hard to tell you how to fix it

if it were a D15 camshaft, you would line up the TDC mark on the crank pulley with the pointer on the timing cover (TDC on crank pulley is the single white mark off to the right of the 3 ignition timing marks) and line up the marks at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock on the cam gear with the top surface of the head

if you have a D16A6 camshaft, the cam gear mark at 9 o'clock should be about 1 tooth below the top of the head and the mark at 3 o'clock should be about 1 tooth above the top of the head, however, with the D15 block, when you have the cam in this position and try to put the belt on, you will find that you are about 1/2 tooth off due to the difference in block heights - this is where the adjustable gear comes into play

make sure you have the spark plug wires in the correct location on the distributor cap


The block is is a d16. If i rotate the cam to 9 o clock it would be the back wards. I'm thinking if i put them both at tdc with the belt on. take the distrib off then simply rotate the crank then both the cam and the crank will be at the same place the put the distrib back on i think that will solve my problem. thanks for the idea

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