Tire and Package Specials On this site! Very Reliable


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Hey guys!
About two months ago i bought some rims from Wheelmax.com and they didnt an awesome job. I got a wheel a tire package that costed me $819 b/c it was on sale - i got $100 off! I also got a 3 year warramty with them. If you bend, scratch, practically anything happens to them they will replace it for you. Before they ship them the also balance your tires for you. I placed my order on Sunday and they told me it was going to be there on friday. It came on tuesday! It was so quick and easy i would recommend it! Wheelmax.com


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yeah, my friend just got some 17" excel shu-4's from them. they were only $649 shipped with balanced tires and free lugnuts. they also came on time as well. I would also recommend www.wheelmax.com


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i checked that website out too, good deals, but i don't think they ship to canada :cry: :x

does anyone know of a place that has deals like this that does ship to canada??????