Turbo kit?


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If you bought that kit you will need..
oil lines
down pipe
Fuel managament system and ect

But Honestly i woudlnt buy that kit becauce i bought a similiar kit from ebay way bakc in the day when i wasnt smart... and to me the piping is to small you will have to fabricate, the turbos are trash.. you will end up spening more money than you shoudl just completing the kit and installign it....

If i were you and if you on a budget and you want boost i would browse around the classifieds on here and Honda-tech.com there is always ppl selling sohcturbo kits for a good price complete....

But if your not on a budget then take a look a a greddy kit or somthing...

A good website to view is Homemadeturbo.com for bakc yard style setups ppl there have put out some good numbers with turbo d's If your looking for a complete kit ihave one for sale with fuel managemet just let me know....


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ok well i was juss wondering cuz im gonna be turboing in the future when i get a freakn job lol but thanks for the info!


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you still need injectors hondata or somethign to tune a welder for the trashey piping.. and time bc that kit wont be worth the money peice your own kit togather.