Turbo OR Motor Swap

I have a 2002 honda civic ex and i want more hp, but i don't know what to go with a turbo or k swap i am going to be buying parts at a time. I cant afford to get everything at once. My civic has 235k on it as we speak. I want to know the pros and cons of both! :lol:


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Have you looked into how expensive and difficult the k swap would be.
If you boost it though even though it will be cheaper you will need to rebuild that motor cause that high of miles aint gonna last on boost.
I want to keep it thanks. The car has 235 thousand miles i dont use km. I know it is going to be expensive, but my brother is going to help fund my project!
Motor swap i just bought the head k20z3 yea i got it at a good price it come off at 66k miles but i am not going to use that block. I want to swap in a 2.4 so i want a rsx type s k24 block.

My goal is to go all motor and have 260 hp and atleast 175 torque.

I just started so if anybody knows someone parting out a rsx type s i need many parts so pm if anyone is selling parts
yea i checked it but they want like 500+ and most of the blocks have damaged and need to be machined and everything i am just taking it easy and waiting for a good deal>

So if anybody hears a good deal pm and i will return the favor and help you!!!

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