under dash harness help identify please......


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so, what started out as me wanting to get my front speakers to work......which they still don't......turned out to be a scare of wiring.....

please help indentify what plugs are these, where they go/what they are for.......thank you....

also.....if anyone has any insight as to why i can't get my front speakers to work would be greatly appriciated.....they are wired correctly behind the stereo but at the door there is nothing!!!....as in, there are four wires (which is weird to me) and no matter how i connect them to a speaker i get nothing!!!....i hate not having front speakers!!!

i know the blue box back there is for the keyless entry but i don't see a plug for it no where!!
i have no idea where the green plug goes or what it's for or the little plug???anyone??

SECOND: i found this little yellow plugg??? (don't pay no mind to the s***-wad of wiring back there)

THIRD: i don't know what any of this goes too!???

FOURTH: no idea here either!!?!?!?!? Other than the brown plug geos to the harness for foggs if you have them right??(probably wrong).......why is that plug back there JUMPPED??



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What the Heck happened to this car.

I am basing this knowledge off of 5th and 6th gen cars..you have not supplied the year, model, trim of your car so this is what i can do.

Ok....well the good news is that it doesn't look like anything is cut up to bad except under the radio.

1: test your speakers with wires coming from your radio to the speakers. just grab any old wiring and run two wires to your speakers and to your stereo as a test to see if the speakers themselves are functioning.

2: there are 4 wires going to your speakers because you have component sound!! YEAH!!! this splits the high and mid range frequencies between a tweeter(down at the corner of your window next to your side mirror) and your front door speaker. don't worry about the technical stuff, just know this, match the wires together(brown to brown, red to red) and then put them on your speaker. because what is actually happening is the signal from the radio is being sent to the door speaker, and then up to the tweeter. so its like a splice in the line that connects your front speaker and tweeter. like this:

(Radio)=====(door speaker)====(tweeter)

3. do you have factory keyless entry? and i think your wrong, the keyless entry is run from your factory radio.

4: for all your wiring woes there is only one thing to do. go and buy(or download) a wring diagram for your year and start color matching. thats the easiest and quickest way to solve the problem. however realize that not every plug will connect somewhere. Different trims have different options, cruise control, fog lights, all that, however they just made a general harness for all the trims that they had that year, so some connectors depending on what options you have, were left unused because there wires did not go to anything.


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My bad......
My car is a 2000 civic ex 5-speed

That's the thing though.....I have tried connecting a speaker with wires in every combination and nothing!....

I also assume that the car had keyless entry at one point because when I got the car the previous owner gave me the remote for the keyless entry.....so what is that blue box??......and it being a 2000 I thought that the factory radio didn't play a part in the keyless entry.....only on the 96-98 civic's. Right?

While I understand that not all plugs may be used, I was wondering what they for/ went to so that I could determine what's what.....like the brown one is for fogs and I don't have fogs ect.

Thanks for the reply
The big green plug i feel is the just the plug for your cars computer so your local mechanic can read any tripped lights on your dash like your engine light and stuff. other than that, the rest are a mystery to me


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The big green plug i feel is the just the plug for your cars computer so your local mechanic can read any tripped lights on your dash like your engine light and stuff. other than that, the rest are a mystery to me
no, thats located on the left side of the drivers footwell. its a gray 16 pin plug, the green is 32, I'm not sure where it goes but its not your MIL plug in.

the speaker wires should hook up color to color, if the speaker does not work that way then they they speakers are blown and need to be replaced. the wires are supposed to be hooked up to a harness that would plug into the oem speakers...sounds like someone cut if off though to put in aftermaerket ones.

i still don't think thats the keyless entry...because i also have that blue module in my car, but i have a 98.
I think the keyless in the 2000 is located in the drivers kick panel.

Look at the 3rd pick, i think that black box is your security possibly...oh and look, the gray plug that is pointed down and has nothing connoted to it at the top of the picture, thats your Code reader port, for checking your check engine lights.
box = cruise control, green plug wrapped with blue tape= ignore, yellow= SRS (airbag)

Now for the speakers, first go buy a DVOM (digital volt/ohm meter) one with a tone for ohm is best but not needed. From the radio plug test to the same wire in the door. If it does not ohm out then unplug the door harness in the door jamb and test the car side of the plug to the radio, also testing the plug in the jamb to the speaker. Some Canadian model Hondas change the pin orientation on the door plugs so make sure they are in the same location on each side of the plug. I've run across this problem with body shops that put a used door on that was from Canada and the door locks wouldnt work. If you still cant find the break in the circuit cut and run your own wires using the pins at the plugs only.

Hope this helps
wow thats scary.. as for the speakers look behind the stereo see what color the wires are for the front and take out ur door speakers and see if they are the same color.. if worse comes to worse just run ur own wires very easy


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