URGENT,, ARP Head Studs ARP-208-4701


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I have bought kit ARP Head Studs ARP-208-4701 for my
European Civic Type R EP3 Engine: K20A2 200hp 6MT, the same of the American ACURA RSX Type S.
When disassembling the cylinder head I have seen that the fixation of this is with screws (head bolt 11x155)

,,,, not whit head studs whit nuts separately. I must apply the same torque wrench ,, 39 N.m (4Kgf-m, 29lbf.ft) + three steps 90º,, and the same cylinder head installation instructions that using the original head bolt.



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ARP ,,,,,,, answers the question

ARP say:

Hello Gomiki, Thank you for contacting

ARP. DO NOT use Honda torque specifications on ARP products. If you use Honda torque specifications you will damage your ARP product. Install the studs into the block finger tight. The torque for the nuts, 208-4701 is a maximum of 70 ft/lbs using the ARP Moly Assembly Lube on the nuts & washers. Torque all to 35 ft/lbs and then bring the torque again to 70 ft/lbs using the factory torque sequence. Regards, Alan Nichols Automotive Racing Products 1863 Eastman Ave. Ventura, CA 93003 Toll Free: 800-826-3045 Ph: 805-339-2200 Fax: 805-650-0742 Email: alann@arpfasteners.com www.arp-bolts.com

Thanks, that is all friends :suprise: :suprise: =) :lol:

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