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Hello again fellow Honda Civic enthusiasts, and admirers. Hope everybody had a splendid christmas and new year!:santa:
Any automotive new years resolutions? New Tires? Oil change?
I also hope everybodies Honda machines are still running smooth operator:redcar:!!! But anyways over xmas break i got into some CHEAP aftermarket honda civic headlights because mine were so worn out, dirty, and faded that it was an inspection safety hazard(take a look at the pics). Now I know Honda guys go crazy with the led, xenon, fog light conversions but that was out of budget and wanted something simple and conventional. Didnt want to restore them with bug spray or toothpaste and there was no way I was going to fork over $200+ for oem factory headlights from the honda/acura dealership. As a lover of Honda i have always been a junkie of cheap aftermarket parts. So I bought 2 New pairs of aftermarket civic headlights for half the price of oem two different brands(DNA Motorsport vs Eagle Eyes auto lamps) Sometimes It pays off and other times it backfires:smackself dohh. But for these beautiful headlights I think I did good, saved money, and changed the way the car looks. it looks hella JDM!!! I would not get the tinted/smoked headlights because of inspection and the po-po!
So please check out the video and grab a cup of hot cocoa/coffee and enjoy:beer:
and if you have spare time check out my honda oil change video. Simple and save money. I tell people new years is a good time to change the oil. cold weather and all

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