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Mr. Jollypants

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Contestant #1

Thanks: The East Coast Status family and ClubCivic for keeping me honest, and motivated with the build.

Year: 2003.

Model: EP3.

Engine: K20A2 Swap with 6spd Trans, Stage 2 CompClutch w/ lightweight flywheel, no name SRI, Apex-i N1 catback, removed A/C, key immobilizer.

Suspension: Skunk2 Pro-S coilovers, Ingalls camber correcting bolts, Megan Racing rear camber arms, Hawk pads.

Exterior: 17" Drag DR-35 with Nexen N7000s, Ebay front lip, K2 yellow fog lights, SEIBON cf hood, Bosch ICON wipers, genuine Type-R emblems, WeatherTech window shades, DIY headlights, corner lights/side markers/tail lights "blacked out".

Interior: 7" Dual flip-out monitor, PWJDM shift knob, suede red stiched shift boot, Type-R wheel emblem.

Contestant #2​

Thanks: Ryan Sady for all the work he\'s done on my car. He's been there in every big project. Also to his wife, Bristie, for letting me stay overnight there a handful of times.

Thanks to a few friends that helped with this car, Dan, Clemons, and Kyle, and for giving me rides whenever my car is getting work done.

Also thanks to Greg from Go-Autoworks for the great custom turbo kit, and for answering all my questions I've had. Thanks to Morgan and Greg from Synapse Motorsports for the tuning and troubleshooting with all the electrical gremlins.

And thanks to my mom, because she bought this car before me and I got it as a hand-me-down. Without that I wouldn't even own the car.

Year: 1997.

Model: Honda Civic LX.

Engine: 137k on odometer/chassis, Auto-to-Manual Conversion, Mini-Me (y7 to y8) head swap, New: JDM B18B swap, 34xxx miles at time of purchase (~45k now), USDM B18 ECU, CKF "bypass trick" method, Garrett T3/T4 turbo 60 trim .48a/r, Go-Autoworks custom piping / intercooler, Go-Autoworks 3" down pipe, Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors, Walbro 255lph Fuel pump, HKS SSQV3 Blow off Valve, Tial, 38mm External Wastegate, 3" eBay exhaust, cat-less, Glowshift Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge, Mishimoto Performance radiator.

Suspension: EBC Slotted Rotors, Ceramic brake pads, Dropzone coilover system, lowered 2", Dropzone struts, Brand new fuel and brake lines from motor all the way back to the fuel tank / rear drums.

Exterior: Car recently resprayed a slightly lighter color than factory (custom paint), Trim, mirrors, grille, front and rear lips painted, Mugen Replica Front / Rear lips, though are currently off the car, will be putting back on soon, Mesh Grille, 15% Window Tint all the way around, 16" Enkei wheels, Toyo Proxies 205/45/16, Used to have replica EM1 spoiler, removed with new paint, Painted calipers (red), License plate relocated, Had 8000k HID\'s, have been removed (back to stock).

Interior: Glowshift Boost Gauge, Glowshift digital wideband A/F Gauge, JL Audio 12" W3, Kenwood 500w, Mono Amplifier, Alpine CD deck, with iPod hookup in glovebox, Vtec light, though I no longer have Vtec, Blue neon under each seat wired to a switch in-dash, eBay shiftknob / short throw shifter.

Contestant #3​

Thanks: My friends Josh, Dro and my girlfriend Tiffany for helping me keep my build going after my collision.

Year: 1995.

Model: Ex.

Engine: Skunk2 megapower r catback, skunk2 test pipe, AEM intake, NGK sparkplugs, PWJDM reservoir covers.

Suspension: Skunk2 front and rear strut, c pillar bar, h brace, form an function f1s, waiting to throw on NSX calipers and extended studs, full disk brakes.

Exterior: Powdercoated white ls meshies wrapped in falken 205 50x15s, Mugen rep lip, clear lenses foglights, visiontek smoked amber corners, 10k hids, Benen rear towhook, brand new front end (bumper, rad support, fenders, hood) painted frost white at the collision repair center (no macco).

Interior: Usdm rare double din center console, leather shift boot to mask my auto shifter, black sparco tourino2 driver side seat, broad way mirror, alpine type r front/rear and tweeters, Sony deck and a memphious 12" in the trunk.

Contestant #4​

Thanks: Parents for financial support.

Year: 2002.

Model: Civic EX.

Engine: Short Ram Intake w/ AEM dryflow, HKS Hi-Power Exhaust.

Suspension: 16x7 Rota Torque's.

Exterior: Clear headlights, 35w 6k HIDs, Tint, Type-R Front Lip, Type-R Grill.

Interior: EM2 Floormats, Alpine Stereo deck, 2 12" JL W1v2 subs with dynamat on trunk, Kenwood amp, Sony Xplod 6x9 rear speakers.

Contestant #5​

disqualified himself
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I voted for #5 because its clean and looks like a badass car! I dont know just something about it.. makes it look sexy


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voted #1 because ive been secretly following his build thread :oops:

and Im a fan of the work hes done, looks sick


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I voted for #4 because it's super simple. No drop, no huge mods.. just a nice daily car.

Mr. Jollypants

Mr. Fucking Jollypants
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Thanks to everyone above for giving an explanation :thumbs up


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#1. I'm a fucking manwhore for white Ep3s.

Mad Dog Tannen

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I voted for #2. It is the most purpose built. Doesn't have unpainted lips. Is clean and complete. Obviously has a lot of time put into it. It has braking, suspension, and engine. You don't need to be flashy to be fast!


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#2 Because i dont care about cosmetic bs as long as there are engine and suspension mods to compensate


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I voted for contestant 5 because it's just so clean, simple, and LOW! Very nice. All of them are nice cars though...


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all of the entries are very nice, i see nothing but good work all around.......but,
#1 ftw.
a few of the things i liked:
1. hatch
3.17"s headlights - putting your headlights in the oven takes some balls
5. the picture of the car ON THE TRACK where hard driving belongs!


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i voted 3 because its just a real clean everyday car no swap no major mods. and i would love to see my ej1's body to be as fresh

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