vtec wiring question


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I just bought a complete d16z6 out of a 95 Civic EX. It came with engine, tranny, shift linkage, axles, computer, everything except the wiring harness. It will be installed in a 94 Civic DX. My question is since mine isnt wired up for a vtec which one of the options should I choose? Am I able to use the stock wiring harness thats in the car now with an aftermarket vtec controller? Or should I buy a d16z6 harness and run the vtec off the d16z6 computer, or can I just run a couple wires to the d16z6 computer and if so where would I have to run them too? The car is my daily driver so I have to keep in mind I need the HONDA reliability. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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if it was me i would get the D16Z6 wiring harness just to be on the safe side.