wacked out windshield wipers


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Has anyone else ever had a problem with your wipers starting up on their own? Sometimes when i turn the key my wipers just start up without me touching the switch and stay on no matter how much you turn the car on and off or mess with the switch. The way to stop it is to remove the fuse, start the car, turn it off, and put the fuse back. then they should stop, but i don't know why it happens at all. i tried replacing the fuse cause it happened when i first got the car, but even on a brand new fuse it still does it. it doesn't happen often, but even just every now and then it's annoying. does anyone know how to permanently fix this?


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Might be the wiper relay or switch. I know in my ex-girlfriends 94 civic the switch was loose so if you knocked the steering column it would set off the wipers until you put the wiper in the off position again. It was pretty annoying... never got around to fixing it for her though...