Went to tha track friday, here are my results..

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i went to the tracks friday (by the way iot is a 1/8 mile track), and my times improved. my last time was 10.77. here is my new fastest time:

i ran 10.596 @ 65.88 MPH.
my 60 ft time was: 2.529
and my R/T was: .73

i think i could have gotten around 10.3 becuase i wasnt ready...they started the tree real fast, and my reaction time and 60 ft time suckd. but hey its about .2 secs faster then when i didnt have an exhaust

im still learning a lot about my car since i barely got it about a month ago, and this was only my second time ever at at track. im starting to get my launch down, but it isnt near perfection...im hoping to do much better next friday.


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and what would 10.7 be in the 1/4?


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yea your 60ft time is alittle high but everything can imporve. :D


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I just seen this post. Your mph never got any better dropping .2 you did. My g'f's car will still out runyours. Her best mph was 66.34 before vs your 65.88. That should show you that you will not run high 15's or even low 16's in the 1/4 mile. ...

A friend of mine( the turbo crx) went to the track Sunday in low 60's. This is a crx with a greddy kit set at 8lbs, fmic, exhaust, stock suspension and 14in hx wheels. 185/60/14 street tires. This is a boosted car. On street tires it runs low 14's and low 9's.. Even if you get to a low to mid 9 in the 1/8 it still won't get you a 14 sec et. A na car is always slower after the 1/8 than a boosted car with the same hp.

This was spinning.

His time was:
r/t .689
60' 2.338
330ft 6.228
1/8 9.302
mph 80.97
1/4 14.220
mph 100.40