What Is Needed for Fuel Injection Conversion

I have to replace the engine on my 86 Civic hatchback, because one of the head bolts was stripped out. The previous engine, which didn't run, was carburated. I want to switch it over to fuel injected, I know this means I'd need to get some parts like an ECU, the engine (w/ fuel injector and intake), and probably a new wiring harness, but what exactly would I need?


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To make it the most simple, get the full motor with wire harness and ecu. I've never worked on a civic that old, but I would assume you will need a new fuel pump also. Most carb'd motors run off like 5-7psi of fuel, but a fuel injected motor runs from like 20-40psi. Todays newer motors can be 100+psi

am i gonna need everything out of the other car, or am i just going to need the engine, manifolds, injectors, and the wiring harness?

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