What now??


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Alright so I have a 2001 honda civic LX. I bout her about 2 months ago. I already got her brand new shoes and tread. I got Primax wheels and Cooper Zeon Tires. I also bout an AEM shortram air intake system. And to top it off I just ordered a pair of headers. What should I do next? I'm totally lost now that I have nothing to do. Cosmetic or engine? I'm gunna need some help here.

I'm a noob...lol :noobie:


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you forgot exhaust to complete the n00b mods. But when I had my 7th gen, I could think of a million things!

ditch the intake and header, get a turbo kit or build your own, work on suspension, full coil overs or good springs, good shocks for good springs, huge sway bar for rear, but not too big to prevent understeer caused by the bar, solid front strut bar, Maybe for the sway bar get a subframe reinforcement/sway bar combo?

Aluminum shifter bushings (if they're still made), revo short shifter, ummm full suspension energy suspension bushing kit. I can go on and on, I told myself I would name a few but I went a bit overboard.

Good I miss the 7thgencivic.com community and how we had so many people who made their own stuff and sold it. Good good times.

There are many other options as well among what I have named, when I had my 04 ex it was pretty much maxed out, waiting for turbo.

Oh, btw, if you go for the rear sway bar, forgot the rear strut bar, it'll be over kill.


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when you get your headers go for a catback. weaponspeed.com has a shitload of almost everything you could want for a 7th gen. and every other car under the sun. also. you might get a new cam gear. and advance your timing. you will get at least a 10% hp gain. and better gas mileage. but you will have and i mean you will absolutely NEED to burn premium if you do that. the price of gas can make one frown on this. but if you drive your car with some sense and only pull out that hp when you need it. with the combination of premium gas and the advanced timing. your gas mileage will increase dramatically. and it still wont be bad even if you do have a lead foot. i did that to mine. and omg!! it was amazing.


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well if you're gonna do anything else to the engine, you might as well swap it to a manual transmission. to get the most power.


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the car is nice... all the engine mods and what not sound nice, and they are.. but i think the next logical move should be to lower it.. not only will it look better, but it will give u a bit of better handling. plus the price is reasonable if you dont have the $$$