What to do with my car? (Stunning 91 Civic LX—totaled—fix or not to fix?}


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Hello—I have been the proud owner of a 91 Civic LX for the last 14 years. Though I was considering buying a newer car as a daily driver, I wanted to keep “Maude” for posterity. Unfortunately, I didn‘t do so soon enough—another driver running a red at the last minute smashed into me. Thankfully, I am fine, but the car...the front end driver’s side around the wheel is crunched in, it doesn’t drive straight, and the door doesn’t open properly. Not surprisingly, the insurance totaled it.
The rest of the car, tho, still looks fine, and I have received an offer to sell it. The prospective buyer said he believes it could be fixed, but likely won’t pass “the alignment test” (will never drive completely straight.). He just wants it to drive “around town.”
I have found a reputable mechanic who said he could take on the task of fixing it for me, but he also said once he takes it apart, if it is unrepairable, he won’t be able to put it back together. Thus, the car will likely end up in the salvage yard.
My question is: does anyone have experience fixing/driving a totaled Civic? (Or any other car, for that matter.). I am wrestling whether or not to trying to fix it is worth it, and what my options would be if the car is indeedunfixable.


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Sell it, cut your losses.
Those older Civics' are tough to fix and have drive straight once they have been crunched significantly in the front.

But also, I hope you don't use that mechanic either.
I wouldn't trust any "mechanic" that says, "once he takes it apart, if it is unrepairable, he won’t be able to put it back together."
He should be able to ascertain if he can fix it or not.