What's on your Christmas list this year?


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So it's 69 days till Christmas....time to start thinking about what you'll be asking for.

I'm looking to get a GoPro
Probably end up with some cash.
Star wars the complete saga on blu ray.
A set of skis.
Would like to get a Mac mini, and apple tv

Post up.

Leave the religion debate out of this thread. This is just for the things you are asking for. Not wether or not you participate in Christmas


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i dont believe in santa...............

kidding, really all i want is some clothes, and a android tablet


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.....and this give me an idea for another thread

Really just want cash, only gift cards I like are to Red Lobster


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k20 swap

New laptop with atleast a 2.6 ghz processor for editing.

Or hondata s300 for my b18c1.

I also wouldn't mind having new door speakers and 6x9's because my speakers are like 15 years old and sound bad.

And a spyderco endura vg10


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Various parts for my car
Star Wars saga on blu-ray
Beats headphones for my iPhone

Can't really think of anything else but my wife & I aren't exchanging gifts this year & using our money to buy the kids stuff they want.
What he wants, minus the headphones.. I might spoil myself and buy an iPhone though ;)


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Probably just gunna get 300 dollars again from my grandma, and most likely clothes from my mom.


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I'd like to get some Bulls tickets if they are actually going to have a season.


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Probably a bunch of money to buy performance s**t for my boat and a ton fishing stuff.. I'm on a collegiate fishing team what can I say lol


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money and a pair of oakleys... I lost my last pair :'(

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