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new to the forum and this is my first post.
I own a 2000 Civic LX and its bone stock, I don't plan on doing anything crazy to it as its just my commuter vehicle. bought it last year with 42k miles on it so I expect to have it for some years to come.

Anyway, I just don't like the way it handles on the back road that I drive to and from work on every day so my boss suggested I get some wheels and tires (I am a fabricator for a high end early model Ford Mustang Suspension shop, and my boss is basically the AutoX king on the west coast) he tells me the wheels and tires should be enough to make me happy for what I'm looking for.

I've done a bit of research and poking around now. I have an idea of what I want, but I wanted to have some experienced opinions of what will and wont work for a 6th gen sedan.

What I'm thinking of getting is some 16x7 wheels (haven't decided which ones yet) and running some 205/45/r16 tires on them (I like having more tire options, and would like to keep it close to the OEM tire diameter). I may ed up lowering the car, but nothing extreme. maybe 1-1.5" but for now i'm at stock height.

My questions are.
* Will I have any rubbing issues lock to lock turn with a 8.1" wide tire as opposed to the stock 7.3" tire?
* What offset should I be looking to get the Wheels in? (Keeping in mind I may slightly lower the car, and the new tire will be almost an inch wider + I don't want to do any body work or have camber issues)
* If you run the same set up, were you happy with the results?

Thanks for taking a look


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Anyway, I just don't like the way it handles on the back road that I drive to and from work on every day so my boss suggested I get some wheels and tires
I'm assuming you have stock 14" wheels on it now?
What is it that you don't specifically like about it?
Yes, its completely stock including the wheels and tires .

The back road is real hilly with some decent sheer cliff side turns. its a real narrow road, but is a very popular alternate route to the freeway. People like to drive about 55 on the 40 MPH road and they'll try to bully you out of their way if you don't drive 55. Except there is no way for you to allow them to pass due to the width of the road.

If i'm taking the corners at 55 MPH I get a ton of body roll and I can hear my tires screaching and beginning to lose traction. So the thought is that a lower profile, wider tire with a larger contact patch and less sidewall flex will improve my grip.

Driving the back road saves me a half an hour each way to and from work, so im willing to drop a bit of cash to continue taking it while being more safe, and in turn I think i'll enjoy the handling a bit more.

I should probably mention that my last car was a 1999 3 series BMW that handled like a dream, I had no issue driving the same road at 60-65 mph.

While it's not my intention to turn my Civic into a BMW I just feel like there is more I can get from the Civic.

My buddy used to have a 91 civic hatchback with stock wheels and tires, he put coilovers on it, dropped it a few inches and that thing handled much, much better than my civic does

Coilovers may be in my future as well, but I think starting with the wheels and tires is a decent move.
lol just a slow time i would think.
if you go on www.tirerack.com and put in your car search the rims. regardless if your buying from them they will show you specific rim dimensions that will work for your car. it will also have a suggested tire size listed for the rim you have selected at that moment. also it should somewhere on the same page have a note that says aggressive fitment or something. that means the rim and tire package they are suggesting will work but may be a little tight somewhere. as far as your bosses suggestions and my own experience i think different rims and tires might be just what your after. ive always owned trucks and suvs most of the time and my current 08 civic was my first honda. i had stock steelies with typical cheap dealership all seasons under it. i went one rim size up and switched to a performance all season. the difference was more than i expected. the few small cars ive owned i was either too young to care or too broke to do anything about them.

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