Wheels - 15x8, 15x7?


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Sorry if this is a dumb question lol. I really don't know much at all about wheels, fitments, etc..
But i'm deciding on wheels i want to purchase for my car in the future. I'm digging some xxr 501's in gold, but i see them on some eg's and they sit flush, others stick way past the fenders. So i'm just wondering is this because of the width of the wheel?? 15x7 vs 15x8? Info please guys! thanks


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It has to do with wheel width but moreso with offset. The lower the offset, the more the wheels stick out.


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They sell that wheel in a 15x7 +38 and a 15x8 +15. If you want to best fitment and have the wheel/tire pretty flush with the body, the 15x7 +38 is the one to get. The 15x8 +15 will probably poke out too much. I'd use a 195 size tire with the 15x7 +38 to avoid any rubbing issues.

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