Will 215/50/15 on teggy meshies fit on my '00 Civic?


Has anyone here ever tried putting on 215/50/15s on a 2000 Civic CX model that is not lowered?
I was looking at the tire calculator and that size is the perfect match to the stock 185/65/14s that I am using right now.

Other possible sizes are 205/50/15 and 195/55/15s. I am using the teggy meshies (as seen in this picture) http://www.finishlinewheels.com/specimg/ALY71673UE6BF7.jpg

I am just concerned if it will rub if I turn or hit a bump or something. Can anyone advise me on them?

got traction

i rock the sohc
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yes they will. I run a 225/50/15 front tire and its fine