Wobbly Crankshaft Pulley


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The old d15 hit 200k miles.. decided that enough was enough and just bought a rebuilt d15. So 7 months later the crankshaft pulley was wobbling so bad that it ground the alternator belt into the timing belt cover. It happened over the course of a day or so... My woman says to me 'the engine sounds funny" while we are sitting at McD's drive through. I pull it over to take peek and see the pulley wobbling like mad. I kill the engine and tow the car home.

I replaced the pulley with a brand new one from honda but i still have a slight wobble. My old school co-worker says that i can run the car like that for years before something happens. im looking at it as I just pissed away 1k dollars because I didn't torque down the pulley enough.

So what the hell do I do now? It's my GFs car, and she is pretty disappointed about it. We were on track to fixing a few more odds and ends before taking it to the body shop for paint and dents. So its a pretty major set back. We did one huge thing she has always wanted after i put the motor in and that was a Sun Roof.

here is my list of projects i had left before paint.
- re-upholster front seats
- new carpet
- dyna-mat (for sound proofing)
- new tint (dogs scratched old tint)
- EX - mirrors (or paint existing ones)
- Suspension (still not sure here..she wants comfort over performance)
- new tie-rods ( they are worn )
- new bushings all around

Doesn't make sense to any of it until i get this motor situation figured out any ideas?

BTW honda released new instructions on how to torque down the crankshaft bolt... stuff that is not written in the service manual.. Service manual says 134 ft-lb (don't quote me on that I'm pulling that number from memory)

new docs say step one is to torque to 134 then back it off all the way, then torque to 20 ft-lbs, + 60 degrees, then run engine for 3 minutes, then torque an additional 30 degrees.

if anyone cares i'll see about scanning it in and posting it.

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Mine almost fell off when I had my d15. It wasn't funny when it was about to fall off and the thing was wobbling but I don't think it will hurt anything.