WTB 89-91 CRX

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Just like it says looking to buy an 89 to 91 crx. Have requirements tho. Rust must be minimal, no severe damage to uni or interior (no stripped interior). Must run decent enough to make a trip home. (Hg issues, knocks no motors need not apply, unless close enough for trailer). Swaps ok, multi colored ok... if its black and an si you get points as I can swap my original vin out with the car and register it again. Located in Wisconsin, willing to go coast to coast boarder to boarder to get a replacement


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Are '88's out of the running?

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Looking at 2 crx's this weekend. But they probably won't be what you want. Just saying one is complete with wide body kit, and the 2nd will be a surprise??
But it's the hunt that I love. I'll post pix on what ever I find.