WTB d16y8 Intake Manifold for a 5spd NOW

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i need a 5spd d16y8 intake manifold, i had one on its way but the seller was being lazy and couldnt get it off teh block. I Need this s**t asap guys i have a engine waiting to go in but need a manifold....Complete Prefered willing to pay you extra for shipping if you can ship it to me tommorow morning!...please call or PM me 330 212 0618!


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Hey, tomorrow night I will be picking up another intake manifold for my y8 (has skunk 2 TB on it).. so i will be taking my stock y8 manifold off. I can sell it for cheap but it needs an IACV, injectors, fuel rail, and TB if i sell it to you..
sorry oilpool used his mad skills and drilled the new iacv in with a drill.

it works perfectly

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