xtd clutches?

i have a 1990 civic hatch with a stock jdm d15b and i want to put a new clutch in cuz im pretty sure mine is about to go out... i was looking on the internet and came across the xtd clutches and was woundering if anybody is using one and if its any good... if i decide to pick one up its going to be the stage 1. is it worth is or should i go another way.. my car is all stock and is daily driven

EG Hatch

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I purchased exactly what you mentioned. Installed it and beat the s**t out of the car right away. Still going. The XTD brand is pretty good.


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I have a stage 3 in my car right now. Feels like stock and holds perfectly fine for me. Get your flywheel resurfaced and break the clutch in properly.
then how come alot of ppl on d-series talk so much crap about them and saying anything off ebay is crap and all that i herd they where good clutches but i dont want to buy before hearing anything... the reason i wanted to buy a xtd is cuz i thought my clutch was going out.. everytime i take off slow i hear like a rubbing noise and it bounces a little... but after thinking about it i think it might have to do with the brakes.. what u guys think