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Installed PLM Tri-y Header

She started up in second start, Ran into some issues as it jumped 1 tooth, did re-timing it by myself and somehow I mange to fucked it up and now the valves is bend and at this point I was like f**k this I'm done with this LS and put D15b back in and focus on Eh2 H22a, after h22a is up running then will work on TypeR
Also I've been ordering new parts for ITR as well. ITR is very close to be assemble.

having one of my closest friend swing by to disassemble longblock and take my heads to swap internals parts to b16a head and took crankshaft to get it polished and pistons as well. They should be here by next saturday to get em all assembled.
Sooo I picked up those sweet 5zigen Fn01 wheels 16x7 for $500 and will buy a new tires, there's one little bent on rim but that will be taken care of and other wheel got cracked too, that'd be taken care of as well!


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