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I don’t know nothing about cars ok! Don’t kick my a** anywho I bought a 2004 Honda civic Dx I believe 4dr I want to basically turn my car into a more sporty looking car, like modern lol not looking old. I guess I have to change the body kid. But I’m working on the interior before I work on the outside !! Anyways guys, I want to change the whole inside I want to change the mph & all the other stuff “ gauges “ into glow ones like up to date can someone tell me what I should be searching because all I’m seeing are little light bulbs lol, then I have to manually roll my windows up I want to change it to where it’s a button can I do that? & where can I find rear seats? All I see are factory seats I don’t want those !! someone please help me I don’t know what I should be looking up or what I’m doing ! Lol I just know I want a sporty car


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You would have killed a NOPI or APC catalog back in the early 2000's LOL

The above site is still a good source for a ton of aesthetic parts.