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I need a lot of help, are there any club gatherings in pennsylvania new jersey dselaware area to meet fellow enthuseasts
I enjoy seeiing others cars and being helpful and getting help in person on yearly events as far away as carlisle I went to car shows and now found honda cars to be more fun
Cdn. Forces Veh. Tech circa 1973 - 77. Sold 2004 Honda Civic Coupe 1.7 L 5 spd. Current veh. 2015 Honda Civic 4 dr. LX 1.8 normally aspirated CVT.
Kinh Can Sai Gon tu lau da duoc nhieu khach hang danh gia la diem den tin tuong voi nhieu san pham chat luong, dich vu chu dao, tan tinh cung nhieu san pham, mau ma da dang nhu kinh can mong, kinh can doi mau , kinh da in, ...
my brother cracked his old pan ran over something obviously tried starting it and it will not turn over is the engine shot? does he have any hope?
can you provide instruction on how to put the waterpipe coolant back into the water pump. for a civic 98 lx. thx you
the part number is 19505-p2a-000
I need help I have a dx swapped with the d16z6 where the intake attachs to the head between the 2nd and 3rd port there is a allenhead set screw there what is it?
If you remove it the car will explode in magnificent flames.
Whats up everyone! New to this, just starting to rebuild my coupe
Hi there and welcome to the forum I’m a new as well and trying to a do swap but I’m hitting a wall can’t seem to get the car stared?
Goal is to build a reliable turbo'd B16 EM1. I also, have a Red DC4 Integra and I'll post some of that every now and then.