’97 Civic CX Knocking & No Power


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I have a ’97 Civic CX (manual, all stock) which will start and go into gear but when I begin to release the clutch I get a horrid knocking noise and absolutely nothing power wise when I press the gas pedal only increased rpms. The engine runs and idles fine with no sputtering or jumping.

Backstory: I was driving when I felt and heard a thump. Loss of power and driving weird. I hobbled it back home (about a mile) and parked it fine, even backed it in. However, now it is as describe above.

I am not knowledgeable about cars but am learning on this one. I've replaced the ac system, clutch, and a few other things myself. (nothing even remotely recent = 1 year + ago) I usually just look up the issues that I am having on the internet, using a few different sources, and ”teach” myself to fix the car from those. However, I have found nothing on this particular problem. I was just about to replace the cv joint as I could hear the knocking (I bought the car for $500 1-1/2 years ago with the knocking) Could this be the/part of the issue?

I am disabled so I do not have money for a mechanic. I just take my time and do what my body will allow. I have read some quality answers here so I decided to ask y'all for a helping hand. Thank you in advance for helping this newbie out.