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Goal is to build a reliable turbo'd B16 EM1. I also, have a Red DC4 Integra and I'll post some of that every now and then.
I need help guys new to this blog thing but I have a 1995 Civic ex 1.6 an the other day I was driving an the car just shut off an will not start back up I hear the fuel pump prime Iam not good with cars an it’s all factory any help would be helpful
My son just bough his first car! He chose a clean 6th gen Civic, bone stock that seems to have been dealership maintained. I personally have been into and building on vehicles my entire life, my interests were always in Subaru and Jeep. Now my son wants to continue on a third generation family tradition. Which makes me proud! He worked hard to purchase it himself and we will mod and maintain it together as he learns.