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Hey I need your help.I just install a 1.5l in my 1992 Honda Civic LX and I gotten the motor to start, but after running the motor. I turn it off and try to start it again it just turns over. By letting it sit by an hour or so it fires right up. Any suggestions on what you think the problem is????
I’m in the process of making carbon fiber Honda OEM steering wheel air bag delete, and Carbon fiber door Handel inserts. I have the molds made just waiting on the resin to come in the mail. Just wondering if anyone would buy?
I'm looking to do some DIY body work to my 99 civic lx. First time ever I'd just like to know what would be some good tools to start of with and any words of wisdom. I've looked at multiple forums and videos and just confused on what my plan of attack should be. I have read bumper, rear left quarter panel damage and right front fender as well. The fender and bumper would be easy I know I just need new pieces.
I'm having trouble with what tools to get for the quarter panel.

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