'16 Accord wheels on '12 Civic?


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I recently purchased a 2012 Honda Civic LX with the 15" steel wheels. I would like to upgrade to alloy wheels. I found some 17 inch Honda alloys from a 2016 Accord. Does anyone know if these would fit my car without any issues? Thanks.



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The wheels should fit, as the offset also looks to be the same, but if you decide to switch to 17s you'll need to invest in a new set of tires. Although I would recommend you to hold on and look around the rest of the aftermarket wheel options. If you're not new to the honda scene, you probably know that there is sort of a cult for rims. You don't have to change a lot to make your Civic stand out, proper set of wheels will turn it into the best looking car in your block. I personally like WORK wheels, and XXR rims but there are certainly many other cool models. I think only a legit set of rims worth a change. Besides I assume the owner of the 2016 model has got himself some nicer wheels and now wants to get rid of his stock alloys.
You don't have to get skinny tires and lower the suspension, these rims will look cool even on the stock height and with normal tires.

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