1988 engine cuts randomly


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I’ve been running a 1988 civic hatch for almost a year and recently it’s started turning off randomly while driving and idling. It blew a head gasket recently and some coolant got into the engine, I gave the engine a little flush and put in some bars leak and the overheating went away and it drives pretty well. However last week it’s started cutting for whatever reason. I’ve already previously replaced the fuel injector relay because of some backfiring and the car got new spark plugs and boots when I got the car as well as regular oil changes since. I initially thought some moisture might be getting in the combustion chamber from the water in the bars leak but the pistons don’t look like they show signs of any moisture and the spark plugs look normal . I thought it could be the ignition switch too so I got a new ignition switch and put it in but the problem persists. I’m kind of at a loss and don’t know what to do from here, if anyone has experienced this or has any advice or insight I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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It is caused by the ignition coil in the distributor. It explodes in a few places inside the coil, but it continues to work. But after a while it starts cutting out at random times.


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Bars Leaks is a temporary solution. Sounds like your head gasket issue is back. Pull your plugs and do a compression test and leak down test to get the root cause of the problem.