1990 honda civic hatchback

birddog mark

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have 1990 civic wagon, was driving last night and started to jerk a little then as I got on the freeway jerked more, you could watch the tach go to zero then back up as it was cutting out it then died on the freeway but restarted at the bottom of the ramp. After driving it into a parking lot I turned it off but would no longer start. Was wondering where to start looking.


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Battery voltage, check for battery voltage at starter if it doesn't crank, check alternator (if you pull it autozone will test it for free, same with the starter and battery). It sounds like alternator though, did your dash lights or headlights flicker, and your radio cut in and out?


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This happened to me, It was a distributor issue.
The distributor has a rotor in it, under a plastic cap. The screw has loosened (apparently this is very common) and the rotor was truning freely.
I just changed the stock phillips screw with a SHCS screw with some threadlocker, a 2$ 15 minute fix.