1995 Honda Civic shut off and won’t start

I just bought my stock 1995 Honda Civic dx with the d15 engine and I was letting it warm up and it started missing and then it just cut off and when I tried to start it back up it try to hit but it just won’t start please help thanks
It’s a d15b7

TE="boofoo, post: 3459029, member: 142925"]There's no D15. Look at the block and head codes.

I have not did the other two things and what does cel mean and how do you do the other part about the plugs and it has over 200,000 miles on the motor and I just bought this vehicle and I drove it two hours back to my house and it had a really bad missing when I was driving it but this is the first time it has ever cut itself off and if I had a way to send you a video of what it is doing it probably would be better just let me know thanks

Post the answers to remaining questions when you have time.

How many miles on the D15B7?

Are you the original owner? Or did you just purchase vehicle?

It was not missing that bad and I thought it just needed a tune up and I only paid 700 dollars for it

1) Short the two pins in the service connector located above the ECU, and then turn key to ON(II). Watch the check engine light (CEL) in the cluster blink the trouble codes.

2) Remove a plug wire from a spark plug. Insert a new spark plug into the plug wire and then ground threads of the spark plug on valve cover (metal). Have buddy crank engine while you watch for spark at end of plug.

Why did you buy the car if you knew the engine was badly misfiring? How much did you pay?