1996 HX Civic D16Y5 Rebuild??


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Picked up a new to me 1996 civic HX with a frozen motor. Trying to decide if I should do a swap or rebuild this motor. 31597

I pulled the valve cover, and the cam and rockers look fine. 31598
But after pulling the oil pan, it looks like a rod bearing went out and fried the crank and one piston rod. 31599 31601 31602
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I was able to remove the bad rod cap and the engine turns over. But from the color of the crank and rod, I would not trust them in a rebuild. It looks like the cranks are easy enough to find online. 31600
I have always wanted one of these two door civics Excited to finally found one. New to these Hondas and new to the forum. Hoping to hear from some of you guys with advice on whether I should be putting a different type of engine in instead of rebuilding this one or if there are some good upgrades I should do while I have it apart.

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You can find D series donor motors in every junk yard, they are still a dime a dozen. Popular swaps include B series, K series and the new L series turbo motors.