1997 civic hx with d16y8


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So I did this swap cause the y5 blew a rod it runs okay but it feels sluggish like something is holding it back I only have 2 codes both for o2 sensor trying to get the o2 figured out I know I gotta get a 4 wire o2 since I’m using the y5 harness coukd the o2 make the car sluggish it feels like Vtec isn’t kicking in but I know the solenoid is good it clicks


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Do a compression check and let us know the results. You are looking for values that within 10 points of each other. Preferably lower. Also a new D16Y(x) series engine would show 200kpa per cylinder. Depending in milage expect lower values but as long as the values are close to each other you should be fine.

However if values are below 185kpa per cylinder then conduct a leak down test to determine where the compression is bleeding off at.