2009 Civic LX 'new' owner - question about the lights


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I recently bought a used 09 LX 4-door from a good friend and a question has come up I'm hoping y'all can help with. Anyway - a little background, I'm a 40-something disabled father of 4 and I was historically good with cars and the guy that friends called on in college with car questions. Recently, however, we(I'm married) bought a decent 2009 Civic LX with about 140000 miles on it from a trusted friend. More recently(like last week), one of our teen drivers was out with it in the evening sometime(lights on). While she was stopped at a light, several cars were honking at her. When I went out to look at the car after she got home, I had her start it and put the lights on. Now, while the outermost lights in back were on, it looked like there wasn't any light on in the plastic on the trunk lid that extends fully across the back. Can anyone here tell me from experience if there should be lights on behind that plastic on the trunk lid? If so, what would you recommend looking at to find the problem (like a fuse, or other)?
Thank you very much for any wisdom you can provide!


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Double check your fuses under your steering wheel and engine bay to make sure non of them are blown. If that’s not the case might just be bulb burnt out which happens with usage. There should be lighting in the trunk I don’t exactly know where because mines a 10 but mine is by the hatch on the lid of the truck