2012 West Coast Nationals july 21st and 22nd

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Sorry Guys for the late release This year was so hard to find sponsors to have the payouts the same as last year and alot of them just recently let me know that they couldnt particpate this year. i still want to thank them for there past donations and hope we can have them back next year. we are still working on a couple more sponsors and i will put 100% of the additional funds into both outlaw classes. and we are still looking for a sponsor for the SP/street all motor class.

So this year we will be gambler racing again: all deposits will be paypal to matt at speed factory he has been helping with some of the flyer stuff and taking care of the outlaw deposits. thank matt.
for deposits for outlaw classes the paypal address matt set up is. westcoastnationalpayments@gmail.com

we are proud to release the initial details of the 4th Annual West Coast Shootout,

Event/Event Organizer: West Coast Nationals
Venue: Sacramento Raceway Park, Sacramento, CA
Date: July 21st and 22nd

Sat tenitive Schedule
Gates Open: 4:00 PM
Grudge Racing: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Pit Admission: $5 per person
Pit Parking: no charge
Race Entry: $35 includes car & driver
tenitive qualifiers are 7:00 pm and 8:45
for outlaw classes only and im trying to get qualifiers for sweet 64 import vs. domestic

Sunday tenitive schedule
gates open 8:30 am
10:00 am first round qualifier for pro all motor, Hot Rod, sweet 64, fwd/awd/rwd
10:45 am last round qualifier outlaw turbo, outlaw all motor
11:30 2nd round qualifier pro all motor, hotrod, sweet 64,fwd/awd/rwd
12:30 3rd round qualifier pro all motor, hotrod, sweet 64,fwd/awd/rwd
1:45 first round eliminations all classes
3:15 quarter final eliminations all classes
4:45 semi final eliminations al classes
6:15 final eliminations all classs

Sunday Shootout Racer Pass (+4 Pit Crew): $120
WCN Regular Racer Pass: $50
Spectator/Crew Pass: $20 sunday only 15$ if you have a 1st version flyer that says 15$ admission most of these flyers were given out at vegas ifo. And sacramento raceway.

car show roll in sunday 9:30am
car show judging starts 12pm

We will keep everyone informed of any changes, and will update the above details accordingly.


<!---------- RULES ----------!>

Please see Official Website at: http://www.westcoastnationals.org


Positional Bounties:
- Synchrotech Transmissions: donating synchro sets to bountys tbd
- Turbosmart: 1st Place Outlaw - TBD
- Golden Eagle: best reaction time outlaw only $400 gift Certificate for Sleeving

Achievement Bounties:

-Competition Clutch Drag winner $200 Drag runner up $150
-Competition Clutch Show winner $100 show runner up $50

Outlaw Turbo Presented By : Supertech performance

Gambler pay out to be determined: buy in 400$
200$ deposit to be paid by july14th at midnight you !
if you dont pay till event it will be 500$
for deposits for outlaw classes the paypal address matt set up is. westcoastnationalpayments@gmail.com

All motor shootout Presented by Competition Clutch

Gambler pay out to be determined: buy in 250$
100$ deposit to be paid by july14th at midnightyou !
if you dont pay till event it will be 325$
for deposits for outlaw classes the paypal address matt set up is. westcoastnationalpayments@gmail.com

-- WCN REGULAR CLASSES (No buyin. Just show up and pay gate fee) --

Innovative mounts:
-Hot rod based on a 8 car field 1st $700 2nd $300

-pro all motor based on a 8 car field 1st $700 2nd $300

CP Pistons/Carrillo Rods and Clutch Masters
-Imports vs. Domestics sweet 64
rules will be posted on www.westcoastnationals.org late tonight.

payout currently for this class
1st is 3,000$ total 1500$ cash 1000$ gift cert from CP/Carrillo and 500$ from Clutchmasters.
2nd place is 1000$ total 500$ CASH 500$ Gift cert from Clutchmasters

64payouts are based on a full field of cars if we get 128 cars we will run a 128 car field and cash payouts will increase 100%. just to be clear the cash payouts only. we are blessed to have Clutch Masters and CP/Carrillo as sponsors for this event.

I will add semi payouts if we get a full field. probably 100$ for semis

sweet 64
Imports vs. domestics

> Class Designation
sw preceded by car number
Reserved for any car import or domestic with a clutch with H pattern 4,5,6 speed transmission no lenco style on liberty prostock s***fters. No cars with summit et# on cars or auto?s.

Rules for this class are, you get 3 qualifing passes and your dial in will be your best of the 3. No changing your dial.

As Far as safety rules go you must meet all NHRA safety rules and local track rules for your time and speed ran.

Please guys this class is meant to be fun for everyone attending we are not looking for anyone to be a shoe in or to find grey area?s. this is to let imports and domestics get it on, in fair and safe platform.
We really want to thank.
CP pistons and Carrillo rods
And Clutchmasters for supporting this class

the fields will be divided in two fields the first round will be all domestics vs. imports. 32 each or 64 each.

1)ATP turbo- FWD/AWD/RWD 1st: $500, 2nd: $250 fwd 25" tire max. AWD factory rollout size. RWD/ figureing out now
2)Luxury Detail Bracket - 1st: $400, 2nd: $150
3)street power : TBD

<!---------- SPONSOR THANKS (Please support the sponsors who support the racers!) ----------!>
- Competition Clutch (Outlaw all motor sponsor)www.competitionclutch.com
- Driveshaftshop (Outlaw All Motor sponsor)www.driveshaftshop.com
- Luxury Detail (street power sponsor)www.luxurydetail.net
- MFactory Competition Products (for letting us move on with this project and use of the wcn website) - www.teamMFactory.com
- Clutch Masters - www.clutchmasters.com
-innovative mounts www.innovativemounts.com
- Supertech (outlaw shootout Class Sponsor) - www.supertechperformance.com
- SpeedFactory - www.speedfactoryracing.net
- Synchrotech Transmissions - www.synchrotech-transmissions.com
- Turbosmart www.turbosmartonline.com-
- CP Pistons/Carrillo Rods www.cp-carrillo.com
- ATP Turbo http://atpturbo.com

Deposits made:

Chad Barber
James Kempf

Joel Sipes

<!---------- CONFIRMED MEDIA COVERAGE ----------!>
- Honda Tuning
- ososik media
- Danny Alaniz (Merc productions)