500whp budget build (need help)

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Hello all,
I’m going to start off by saying I’m new to forums so I apologize in advance if anything I ask has already been touched on. Moving forward, I’ve never done a build aside from basic bolt on stuff (I.e. exhaust, intake, etc) and I’m wanting to build a boosted civic for as cheap as I can get away with. I plan on doing most if not all of the work myself and learn as I go. What would a budget 500whp turbo build cost at minimum? What engine is optimal to work with to keep things on the cheaper side yet offer minimal issues? Any recommendations for parts (rods, pistons, sleeves, etc.)? What turbo would be recommended for Colorado Altitude to achieve 500whp? Thanks in advance for the help


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Define budget

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You really need to have a realistic dollar amount in mind as for budget.
You can build something super cheap, but 500 whp isn't going to be cheap if you want it to be reliable and last long.
There is no point in wasting money and cutting corners to cheap out on some things.